From more than fifty years, our organisation, currently lead by Mr Bruno Innocenti, is successfully operating in the textile raw material market, serving more than 350 customers in the Prato district and all over the world.

Our working method is:

-to understand customer's quality requirements, even the most particular and technical
-to find the most suitable material
-to contact as much directly as possible the original producer
-to develop and to discuss together all the quality standards of the product and of the supply.

This method allows not only supplies correspondent to our customers' most specific technical needs, but also quick deliveries and fair prices.

We cover the whole textile raw material market, but we are particularly specialised in: cashmere, camel hair, silk, angora, linen and ramié, alpaca, wool.

Innocenti Guerrando & Bruno s.r.l.
Agenti di Commercio
via Protche, 11/A - 59100 Prato

Tel. 0574 22695 / 0574 607626 - Fax. 0574 26704
C. F. 03471100481 - P.IVA 00303300974