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We cover the whole textile raw material market, but we are particularly specialised in cashmere, camel hair, silk, angora, linen and ramie, alpaca, wool.

We are aware of the qualitative problems afflicting all over the world the cashmere users: black hair in the natural white for white, polypropylene contamination for knitting, inhomogeneous fibre length for combing, dandruff, chemically treated wool contamination.
Our solution, that allows us to solve these problems before their happening, is the direct contact with the producer before dehairing in the various origin regions, in a transparent and co-operating relationship.

Camel hair

Lots of super-dehaired (either adult and baby) camel hair, pure, various origins (either particular Chinese provinces and Outer Mongolia) not blended all together, in the several natural shades.
The direct contact with the origin producers permits us to offer also yak, sarlak and cashgora.


We are able to satisfy any silk request (nappettes, tops in bumps, noils, monofilament yarns and worsted spun yarns), either mulberry and tussah, from any Chinese origin and quality.

Linen and ramie

We can offer the most used pure ramie and linen yarns in the principal counts, either average and top quality, at the most competitive prices. Possibility of supplying ecru ramie and linen fabrics


Quality Chinese angora of any type (hand selected, hand de-haired, hand pulled, cut) in any grade, with quick deliveries. Possibility of European origin rabbit hair.



We can satisfy whatever particular necessity of this material: we can offer, as in web, scoured, tops or yarns (knitting or weaving twists), suri alpaca, inferior, baby, huarizo, in all the natural shades currently shorn in Peru (eventually also various qualities blend in order to create whatever desired effect in the sweaters or in the fabrics).
Discover alpaca.


Several firms offer wool from all the origins (Australia, NZ, Cape, Spain, UK, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, ect.) but they just sell while we instead try to develop a relationship between the user and the origin regions that allows not only an extreme personalization of the supplies (almost tailored as selection-preparation of the material, delivery and payment terms), but also, thanks to the quality and the seriousness of our suppliers, a complete service with quality certification, declaration of not chemicals addition or of not utilisation of juvenile labour, deep examine of any eventual claim, information and previsions of the market, ect.

Pure wool or wool/polyester worsted yarns, standard and stretch, for weaving.

Vast range of quality yarns for any requirement, with immediate delivery thanks to stock service from European warehouses (in Italy in Prato and Biella) at convenient prices.

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Our knowledge of the market helps our customers also to appraise their stocks and, eventually if unutilised, to re-introduce them into the market at current prices.